Thursday, 11 September 2014

Skin Saviours #1 : Dry Skin

I have decided to do a series of posts, named 'Skin Saviours', dedicated to products which I can always rely on when I am having a certain problem. I have Sensitive skin and I suffer from quite a dry complexion, especially at the moment as the weather is transitioning from being warm to very cold here in the UK. My three products that I am going to talk about are: The Body Shop Daily Vitamen C moisturiser, Avene moisturising mask, and Vichy Serum

1. The Body Shop Daily Vitamin C Moisturiser SPF 30
This moisturiser is one of my all time favourite products. It has UV protection which you need all year around, is thick and creamy, and a revitalising product to use in the morning to really wake up and quench your skin.

£13 available at The Body Shop

2. Avène Soothing Moisture mask
I picked up this product in a French pharmacy on a whim and having not read anything about it. This product completely changed my skin and I will never go without it in my collection. I have used other Avène products but this has never caught my eye and I have no idea as to why. I apply this to my face as either a 10 minute treatment, or an overnight treatment. After use (especially overnight) your skin will be so plump, full of colour and so soft and nourished. Out of the three I definitely recommend this product the most. 
£12 available in Boots

3. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum
This serum is a wonderful little product which I can really trust. I sometimes suffer in-particular from dry skin around my eye area, and with this being more sensitive I have to be careful which products I use. This serum allows my skin to soak up all of my moisturiser whilst at the same time being very gentle.
£16.15 available at Escentual

As soon as I feel my skin tightening or feeling slightly drab, I use these products and immediately see results. It's so important at this time of year to give a little extra care to your skin as the change in weather can really affect it. Make sure you drink plenty of water alongside following a consistent skincare routine which works in tangent with your skin's current needs.

I am going to be posting my top five facemasks in the next few days so keep a look out for that, as three of which are very heavily moisturising.

Do you suffer from dry skin? What are your favourite skin saving products?

Amy xxx

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