Friday, 12 September 2014

My Summer: 2014

Trip #2: Prague

As a last minute idea, three friends and I booked a three night weekend away in Prague. We heard the beer was cheap, the food was good, and that there was a lot of fun things to do. However I did not expect to completely fall in love with the city in such a way that I did. From the moment we got there I don't think any of us could quite believe how pretty it was; every single building is a different colour with stunning architectural intricacy that you just cannot ignore. We stayed in a budget hotel which we booked via and it was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed. For £50 for 3 nights, we had our own huge apartment which was beautiful decorated, a free breakfast service, and the hotel was only a 10 minute straight walk to the main bridge. I recommend Prague to absolutely everybody. 
The Castle
Shirt appreciation 
No words for how strange this baby man puppet thing was


This square in particular was like a film set (and totally reminded me of Genovia from Princess Diaries for any likewise avid fans of that film)

- Climb up the stairs to the castle -  it's a beautiful place even if you do not enter the castle itself
- Visit the old town square on a weekend, the place is full of very strange and unique forms of entertainment.
- Gasp at every single building that you walk by and wish that your own house was a dusky shade of lilac with intricate marble work
- Be very careful in pubs and clubs, as my two friends very nearly got their drinks spiked and the guys were not secretive about it at all!

-Be scammed into attending the 'Boat Parties'. A cheap ticket for what is described as a 'crazy night' sounds good but is far from reality. The party was tragic and the drinks on board were extortionate prices. Just stick to doing your own pubs and clubs as there are plenty to choose from.
-  Pay more than 50 Koruna for a pint of local beer
- Get run over by a Segway; this is a very popular form of transport in Prague, and there are a lot of 'beginners' finding their feet.

Have you visited Prague? Where have you travelled this summer?

Amy xxx


  1. I've never been to Prague but I've always wanted to go - it looks absolutely gorgeous! x

    1. It's amazing! The prettiest place that I have visited x