Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Footcare Routine: The Body Shop peppermint range

This year I have really upped my game when it comes to giving my feet some TLC! A lot of people (including myself sometimes) are grossed out by feet and sort of put it to one side, so I think it's important to keep them in as good condition as possible! In the summer it was a case of wanting my toes to look nice so I could wear my sandals, but now it's all about taking care of them after being on my feet for sometimes 13 hours a day!
Straight away I go in with my (my Mam's) foot spa. We have the Visiq bubble foot spa which was around £20 and it does the job just perfectly. It has bubble and massage setting along with a temperature regulator to keep the water nice and warm. I must say I don't suffer badly with dry skin or hard skin on my heels so I am definitely lucky in that sense. 

I go in first with my Body Shop Peppermint Reviving foot soak. I just sprinkle a small amount into my foot bath and let the water cloud over and start emitting a revitalising minty aroma. 
I then use the Peppermint foot scrub to get rid of any dead skin sells before letting my feet soak.
I soak for around 15- 20 minutes then take out my feet and pat them dry. 
I then either use the Peppermint Foot lotion or the more intensive Foot Rescue cream (depending on how long my shift has been!)

Afterwards. my feet feel so soft and refreshed and ready for another long day on the shop floor! 

Don't forget to look after your feet, because they do a lot for you! Repay them with a little spa night and you'll be thankful enough. Put a face mask on, paint your nails, and soak your tootsies. It's a lovely relaxing evening for these upcoming cold months.
They have a couple of other items in the range along the lines of foot sprays and leg gels. Check out the collection here. Shop foot spas here.

Oh, and a little tip for you! ; The peppermint soaking crystals act as a great deodoriser for smelly shoes. Just sprinkle a few into your shoes and leave for a few hours to leave them smelling minty fresh!

Amy xxx


  1. I love the body shop - their products are just gorgeous! x


    1. Me too! My favourite scent is definitely the mango x