Monday, 22 September 2014

Brand New Product Discovery: Indeed Labs hydraluron moisture jelly

This week I began my job as a Skincare adviser in Boots. I am lucky enough to work with a lady that knows everything there is to know about skincare and is willing to help with anything and pass on an amazing amount of knowledge to me. At the moment in store, we are demo-ing this product and I was apprehensive at first as I have always sort of stayed away from the gel type moisturisers. Having quite dry skin I feel I need a cream moisturiser to really enrich and feed my skin, however the Indeed Labs moisture jelly has proved me totally wrong.

The product is great as not only does it hydrate your skin with the initial surge of moisture as other moisturisers do, but it locks in the moisture by creating a protective film on your face in order to drip feed the skin throughout the day to keep a balanced level of hydration. If you work in an office or a shop, like me,  for example, there is likely to be air-conditioning which dries out skin awfully, so this would especially be a great product for you.

The pricing of this product is reasonable at £24.99 a pot, so less than some of your other high end brands. This moisturiser can be dual used as a day and night product and I must stress that a little goes a long long way (a pea sized amount will do just fine!)

If you are looking to try a new moisturiser or want a transitional product that is going to a little more beneficial to your skin in the cold Autumn/Winter months, I highly recommend you invest in this product as soon as possible. I was very much set on on my old moisturiser, and although I still love it, this has really stepped up the game and taken the spotlight in my current skincare regime.

This product retails at £24.99 and I purchased mine from Boots. Suitable for all skin types.

What moisturiser are you using? Is it doing its job?

Amy xxx


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  2. Looks like a really great product!

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