Monday, 22 September 2014

Brand New Product Discovery: Indeed Labs hydraluron moisture jelly

This week I began my job as a Skincare adviser in Boots. I am lucky enough to work with a lady that knows everything there is to know about skincare and is willing to help with anything and pass on an amazing amount of knowledge to me. At the moment in store, we are demo-ing this product and I was apprehensive at first as I have always sort of stayed away from the gel type moisturisers. Having quite dry skin I feel I need a cream moisturiser to really enrich and feed my skin, however the Indeed Labs moisture jelly has proved me totally wrong.

The product is great as not only does it hydrate your skin with the initial surge of moisture as other moisturisers do, but it locks in the moisture by creating a protective film on your face in order to drip feed the skin throughout the day to keep a balanced level of hydration. If you work in an office or a shop, like me,  for example, there is likely to be air-conditioning which dries out skin awfully, so this would especially be a great product for you.

The pricing of this product is reasonable at £24.99 a pot, so less than some of your other high end brands. This moisturiser can be dual used as a day and night product and I must stress that a little goes a long long way (a pea sized amount will do just fine!)

If you are looking to try a new moisturiser or want a transitional product that is going to a little more beneficial to your skin in the cold Autumn/Winter months, I highly recommend you invest in this product as soon as possible. I was very much set on on my old moisturiser, and although I still love it, this has really stepped up the game and taken the spotlight in my current skincare regime.

This product retails at £24.99 and I purchased mine from Boots. Suitable for all skin types.

What moisturiser are you using? Is it doing its job?

Amy xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Footcare Routine: The Body Shop peppermint range

This year I have really upped my game when it comes to giving my feet some TLC! A lot of people (including myself sometimes) are grossed out by feet and sort of put it to one side, so I think it's important to keep them in as good condition as possible! In the summer it was a case of wanting my toes to look nice so I could wear my sandals, but now it's all about taking care of them after being on my feet for sometimes 13 hours a day!
Straight away I go in with my (my Mam's) foot spa. We have the Visiq bubble foot spa which was around £20 and it does the job just perfectly. It has bubble and massage setting along with a temperature regulator to keep the water nice and warm. I must say I don't suffer badly with dry skin or hard skin on my heels so I am definitely lucky in that sense. 

I go in first with my Body Shop Peppermint Reviving foot soak. I just sprinkle a small amount into my foot bath and let the water cloud over and start emitting a revitalising minty aroma. 
I then use the Peppermint foot scrub to get rid of any dead skin sells before letting my feet soak.
I soak for around 15- 20 minutes then take out my feet and pat them dry. 
I then either use the Peppermint Foot lotion or the more intensive Foot Rescue cream (depending on how long my shift has been!)

Afterwards. my feet feel so soft and refreshed and ready for another long day on the shop floor! 

Don't forget to look after your feet, because they do a lot for you! Repay them with a little spa night and you'll be thankful enough. Put a face mask on, paint your nails, and soak your tootsies. It's a lovely relaxing evening for these upcoming cold months.
They have a couple of other items in the range along the lines of foot sprays and leg gels. Check out the collection here. Shop foot spas here.

Oh, and a little tip for you! ; The peppermint soaking crystals act as a great deodoriser for smelly shoes. Just sprinkle a few into your shoes and leave for a few hours to leave them smelling minty fresh!

Amy xxx

Friday, 12 September 2014

My Summer: 2014

Trip #2: Prague

As a last minute idea, three friends and I booked a three night weekend away in Prague. We heard the beer was cheap, the food was good, and that there was a lot of fun things to do. However I did not expect to completely fall in love with the city in such a way that I did. From the moment we got there I don't think any of us could quite believe how pretty it was; every single building is a different colour with stunning architectural intricacy that you just cannot ignore. We stayed in a budget hotel which we booked via and it was one of the nicest places I have ever stayed. For £50 for 3 nights, we had our own huge apartment which was beautiful decorated, a free breakfast service, and the hotel was only a 10 minute straight walk to the main bridge. I recommend Prague to absolutely everybody. 
The Castle
Shirt appreciation 
No words for how strange this baby man puppet thing was


This square in particular was like a film set (and totally reminded me of Genovia from Princess Diaries for any likewise avid fans of that film)

- Climb up the stairs to the castle -  it's a beautiful place even if you do not enter the castle itself
- Visit the old town square on a weekend, the place is full of very strange and unique forms of entertainment.
- Gasp at every single building that you walk by and wish that your own house was a dusky shade of lilac with intricate marble work
- Be very careful in pubs and clubs, as my two friends very nearly got their drinks spiked and the guys were not secretive about it at all!

-Be scammed into attending the 'Boat Parties'. A cheap ticket for what is described as a 'crazy night' sounds good but is far from reality. The party was tragic and the drinks on board were extortionate prices. Just stick to doing your own pubs and clubs as there are plenty to choose from.
-  Pay more than 50 Koruna for a pint of local beer
- Get run over by a Segway; this is a very popular form of transport in Prague, and there are a lot of 'beginners' finding their feet.

Have you visited Prague? Where have you travelled this summer?

Amy xxx

Matte lips are one of my favourite looks to wear, however I am not so fond of the ties that come along with it; extreme dryness, smudge, and constant upkeep. I was in Boots last week looking for a new lip colour for my birthday night out, and came across the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Lipstick. This stuff is absolutely gorgeous. There is not a wide colour range however I picked up a mauvey pink colour and the deep red. The wear on these is beautiful; highly pigmented, buildable, and they feel like a smooth buttery balm when on the lips. Thanks to these little gems I can wear a matte lip without the awful dryness.

The two colours that I picked up are perfect for Autumn and Winter, and I might have to invest in some more!
07 Nude-ist

08 Grand Cru

Again, I am very sorry for the poor quality of my photographs; a new camera is on the horizon, so bear with me!

Amy xxx

Buy from Boots for £8.99 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Skin Saviours #1 : Dry Skin

I have decided to do a series of posts, named 'Skin Saviours', dedicated to products which I can always rely on when I am having a certain problem. I have Sensitive skin and I suffer from quite a dry complexion, especially at the moment as the weather is transitioning from being warm to very cold here in the UK. My three products that I am going to talk about are: The Body Shop Daily Vitamen C moisturiser, Avene moisturising mask, and Vichy Serum

1. The Body Shop Daily Vitamin C Moisturiser SPF 30
This moisturiser is one of my all time favourite products. It has UV protection which you need all year around, is thick and creamy, and a revitalising product to use in the morning to really wake up and quench your skin.

£13 available at The Body Shop

2. Avène Soothing Moisture mask
I picked up this product in a French pharmacy on a whim and having not read anything about it. This product completely changed my skin and I will never go without it in my collection. I have used other Avène products but this has never caught my eye and I have no idea as to why. I apply this to my face as either a 10 minute treatment, or an overnight treatment. After use (especially overnight) your skin will be so plump, full of colour and so soft and nourished. Out of the three I definitely recommend this product the most. 
£12 available in Boots

3. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum
This serum is a wonderful little product which I can really trust. I sometimes suffer in-particular from dry skin around my eye area, and with this being more sensitive I have to be careful which products I use. This serum allows my skin to soak up all of my moisturiser whilst at the same time being very gentle.
£16.15 available at Escentual

As soon as I feel my skin tightening or feeling slightly drab, I use these products and immediately see results. It's so important at this time of year to give a little extra care to your skin as the change in weather can really affect it. Make sure you drink plenty of water alongside following a consistent skincare routine which works in tangent with your skin's current needs.

I am going to be posting my top five facemasks in the next few days so keep a look out for that, as three of which are very heavily moisturising.

Do you suffer from dry skin? What are your favourite skin saving products?

Amy xxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Summer: 2014

I thought a lovely way to start my blog would be with a post telling you about the wonderful summer that I have been lucky enough to have. This year has been a real changing point in my life as I feel I have really come to my senses and realised what's important and what's not. Summer was no disappointment with three amazing trips away with all of my favourite people.

Trip #1: Nice Côte d'Azur

Being a French student, France is of course one of my all time favourite places to visit. This year I spent five days in the French Riviera and I have to say it was one of my favourite holidays to date. I found the clash of beach and city much to my liking, as it accentuates the fast paced Parisian city vibes with a beautiful relaxed and Mediterranean approach to life. I found the transport system to be very good as a 5 euro ticket permitted use to all buses and trams across the Cote d'Azur. Along with spending time in Nice centre of course, we visited Villefranche, Eze, and Monaco. Monaco was an amazing place, bound with wealth yet welcome, be sure to climb up the hill to the palace - it's hard work but most definitely worth it.

Nice Harbour

Nice Beach

 (The most amazing sushi we have ever eaten)
Nice Place De Massena

- Wear comfortable shoes, the entire French Riviera is on a hill and is no way heel friendly
- Spend time exploring the winding nooks and crannies of Nice Old Town
- I cannot stress this one enough: DO validate your ticket on first use by scanning it on either the tram or the bus. Non - validated tickets will wind you up with a hefty 30 euro fine, and the wardens show absolutely no remorse whether it is an honest mistake or not.
-Buy fresh fruit from Nice market -  we ate the best strawberries and cherries.

-.....forget to validate your tram and bus tickets!
- take a bus to the top of Monaco palace, although there are many steps, you can stop along the way for beautiful views
- go barefoot to the beach - the beaches range from large pebbles to teeny stones, so you definitely need some flip flops to make it to the sea from your sun bed! 

I realise my pictures are not of great quality as they are taken using only my iphone, hopefully if I start to realy enjoy blogging, I can spend my first pay check on a better camera!

Check back later in the week to see my next post - Skiathos Greece

Amy xxx

Hello everybody!

Hello to everyone or no one that is reading this, my Name is Amy and due to hitting a huge 'what am I doing with my life' hurdle I have of course decided to start a blog. Yes I am completely guilty of starting up a blog in past years and never committing to it, but this time I feel it could work.

I am 20 years old living in the North of England, and I am totally stuck in life. I have decided upon a gap year from university at which I was studying French and Italian. I am fed up of my university and not enjoying the course at all, I am fed up of living off the government only with the awful weight upon my shoulders of a heavy debt ridden future, and I am fed up of not being totally happy and doing things for myself rather than conforming to what I feel is expected of me.

I spend much of my time reading blogs and watching beauty vlogs and of course buying products to test and try out for myself. I have been fortunate enough to get a job at Boots which will hopefully open up a lot of opportunities for me in tangent with the world of cosmetics, as working in the industry is truly what I want to do with my life (in one way or another).

I have always loved to write, so I feel that alongside my new job, this little blog can be my form of escapism and outlet of creativity. I have missed being able to devote my time to things which truly interest me. I'm still working on finding my style as I am sure you can understand, and I have lots to learn in terms of the do's and don'ts of blogging (feel free to offer any tips), so for now I hope you enjoy what I have to offer, and I would love for you to leave me some links for some blogs to check

I think I'll start out with a couple of product reviews, just to set the bar!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Amy xxx